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Recent Outreach Updates

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Zine created and published by Brenda Montaño


This past week has been a busy one for the Archives! Please consider making a donation (on our blog) or here to help the archives continue to remain grounded in the community and conduct outreach programs such as these:

Asian Pacific American Library Association Conference at USF: We presented at the Building Bridges with Organizations Community Session which brought together a wide range of community organizations and Asian American librarians from all over the country. The session provided us an opportunity to showcase our resources, meet with potential collaborators in the Asian American community, and forge connections with libraries, information centers, and other organizations.

UC Berkeley Debate Camp: We visited a high school policy debate camp at UC Berkeley to talk with students about this upcoming year’s topic which is about curtailing domestic surveillance. We watched COINTELPRO 101 to provide students with a robust historical context on the issue of government surveillance and discussing the political stakes of domestic surveillance beyond individualistic privacy rights. After the documentary we split into breakout groups to further engage certain topics and get feedback from the students. The discussions were wonderful and the students were able to connect issues such as Stop and Frisk, TSA searches and Islamophobia to larger issues of counter-insurgency and state repression.

When Freedom Becomes Responsibility- Collecting Stories of Xican@ Resistance in Colorado: A former intern, colleague and comrade Brenda Montaño debuted her zine highlighting her experiences working with us in Colorado on our upcoming documentary on the Xican@ student movement. Lots of great stuff in this zine!!! To purchase her work search SING YOUR LIFE LITERATURE PRODUCTS on etsty.com.


Another Year of COINTELPRO

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March 8th marks the 44th anniversary of the Media, Pennsylvania break-in that helped expose COINTELPRO to the world. The story received even more attention last year when after living with the information for 43 years, the eight anti-war activists who broke into the FBI field office, decided to come forward. For some, the identity of the burglars signaled the end of a 40 year mystery. However for the multitudes of people who lost friends and family members as a result of state sanctioned police violence, frame-ups and illegal prosecutions, COINTELPRO is still a very real part of their lives that continues past the media coverage. In addition to our documentary COINTELPRO 101, which is still shown in national and international spaces, we have a detailed collection focusing on the program as well as the efforts by grassroots organizers and activists to hold the FBI and other government agencies accountable.

For the first time, you can now stream COINTELPRO 101 on vimeo.

Cointelpro 101 from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

And with Spanish subtitles here:

Cointelpro 101 from Freedom Archives on Vimeo.

Check out our archival collection on COINTELPRO:


Beyond the Media, PA Headlines, What COINTELPRO Really Did

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On March 8, 1971, a group of eight Vietnam War protestors broke into a FBI field office in Media, Pennsylvania and stole hundreds of government documents. The burglars were never caught but several are now stepping forward and claiming responsibility for the break in. The documents revealed for the first time that the FBI was targeting progressive and radical movements under a program called COINTELPRO. What’s not being reported now by the New York Times, NPR and the rest of the corporate media, is the level of violence unleashed by the government by the FBI and other government agencies.  These agencies have never fully accounted for nor have any agents ever been held responsible for assassinating, neutralizing or imprisoning their targets. Needless to say, political prisoners from that era continue to be kept in dungeons in the US. It continues to be our task to fight for their freedom and to expose the real nature of COINTELPRO. Check out our film – COINTELPRO 101 – which begins to unmask the government criminality first revealed by the Media, Pennsylvania break-in!

COINTELPRO 101 Extra Footage Now Available!!

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Greetings friends,

If you think government surveillance started with exposures by Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden, or even Daniel Ellsberg…check out our film COINTELPRO 101. We have just posted ALL the bonus features from the film at http://www.freedomarchives.org/Cointelpro.html

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/43610012 w=500&h=331]

Take this opportunity to check out some of the first-hand perspectives and intriguing stories that did not make the full length film. Interviewees include Laura Whitehorn, Jose Lopez, Priscilla Falcon, Akinyele Umoja, Ward Churchill, Kathleen Cleaver, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Francisco “Kiko” Martinez, Ricardo Romero and Muhammad Ahmad. This release of new footage can also serve as a friendly reminder to check out the film out if you haven’t already!


Support Eddie Conway and the Cuban Five

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The Freedom Archives is excited to co-sponsor A Hip Hop & Calypso Cultural Event on Sunday, June 2nd at 2:30 pm at the Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ 5301 North Capitol Street, NE Washington DC. This event’s focus is to promote awareness, build solidarity and generate support for Eddie Conway and the Cuban Five, all whom have been incarcerated for their political beliefs, affiliations and activities. 


Eddie Conway, like so many other victims of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (COINTELPRO), is a former leader of the Baltimore Black Panther Party and was targeted for his political and social activism and work in the community. He is serving a life sentence and has been imprisoned for over 40 years.

cuban 5 photo

The Cuban 5 are Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo, Ramón Labañino, Rene González, Antonio Guerrero, and Fernando Gonzalez. Their mission was to infiltrate and monitor the activities of terrorist groups based in Miami responsible for the death of close to 3,500 Cuban citizens. Four of them are currently serving long prison sentences in the United States. One of them Rene Gonzalez recently returned to Cuba after serving his entire sentence.

This event features music from Head Roc, regarded as the “mayor” of DC’s Hip Hop scene for the past ten years and the Mighty Gabby, a Cultural Ambassador for the Island of Barbados, who performs  folk, ringbang and calypso music. There will also be remarks by Rev. Graylan Hagler.

Suggested Donation $5-20 – no one turned away for lack of funds

This event is organized by the Partnership for Social Justice, Freedom Archives, International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 and Institute for Policy Studies

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