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Tricontinental CollageTricontinental is a periodical founded by the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America and published in Havana, Cuba. While working on the these journals I was introduced to international liberation movements in South Africa, South East Asia, Palestine and countries throughout Latin America. These articles provided a critical supplement to the thematic overview of Latin America that I extracted from my college courses.

These periodicals also highlight Cuba’s pivotal role in the social and political history of the international community from the revolution onwards. Cuba inspired national liberation movements throughout the world; countries still under colonial rule now had an example of liberation and a means of receiving aid in their resistance movements. Cuba models an alternative society especially in the way it administers international aid. Cuba participates in medical internationalism where doctors are sent to developing countries around the world. The articles included in Tricontinental reminded me to contextualize myself and the lens through which I analyze certain events, to always keep in mind alternative perspectives.

Check out our full collection of Tricontinental.


Seize the Time

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We’re excited to announce the full digitization of the periodical Seize The Time, published by a Marxist-Leninist organization of the same name that grew out of the revolutionary national struggles of Black, Chicano, Asian American and Native American peoples. Based in California, Seize the Time was created mainly by people identifying as third world revolutionaries along with some white revolutionaries. The main purposes of the paper were:

1. as an organizing tool for local struggles and coordinating tool for regional and national organizing.

2. to provide revolutionary information and analysis.

3. to create communication network independent of bourgeois media.

4. to exist as a forum to discuss the major problems and tasks of the revolution.

This is truly an invaluable historical resource. In addition to the comprehensive reporting, in-depth political study and focus on the importance of intersectionality, self-determination and self-defense; I was particularly struck by the attention and emphasis on revolutionary culture. Whether the vibrant artwork best showcased on the front and back covers, the moving poetry from political prisoners and martyrs of the struggle, or step by step guides on how to create sustainable and co-operative ways of living together, Seize the Time was a blueprint for a better future as well as a canvas for revolutionary resistance. Check out the full collection here.


Seize The Time April 1974 (Front Cover) Seize The Time April 1974 (Back Cover) Seize The Time October 1974 (Back Cover) Seize The Time February 1975 (Front Cover) Seize The Time February 1975 (Back Cover) Seize The Time July 1975 (Front Cover) Seize The Time July 1975 (Back Cover) Seize The Time October 1975 (Front Cover)
Seize The Time February 1975 (Front Cover)


The Movement Newspaper

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Hello everyone,

My name is Chris and over the past month I’ve been working as an intern at the Freedom Archives. I’m excited to announce its collection of the Movement Newspaper has recently undergone a comprehensive update, allowing for greater search-ability  from issue to issue. We hope that these changes makes pinpointing the periodicals that would prove to be the most useful for your needs easier to find!

The Movement Newspaper was published by SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) and helped inform people of the many different struggles against oppression happening globally. Initially, the paper served to keep West Coast SNCC members of the organization up to speed on the civil rights movement and voter registration work in the South. Over time, the themes present in the newspaper  evolved, and the scope of topics expanded to cover worker’s rights, Black liberation, political prisoners, anti-Imperialist efforts, global protest movements, government repression, state violence among a multitude of other themes.


I was especially struck by the richness of the collection, the paper is an excellent firsthand source filled with articles, editorials and speeches written by pioneers of and the people within the struggle. The Movement provides not only insight into the factors and issues that people have historically fought back against, but the newspaper itself illuminates the strategies and actions taken by organizers within the movements. The theories and experiences that shaped the identity of their resistance are presented in their own words.

The Movement Newspaper

For those interested in a comprehensive political education spanning multiple movements and themes; I highly recommend checking it out!!


Help Us to Continue Our Work

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Greetings friends,

vietnam 2We’ve had a productive and inspiring past six months with much to share! We helped organize a May 2nd teach-in at MetWest High School in Oakland, entitled “the Spirit of Viet Nam is Stronger than US Bombs.” Close to 200 people participated in the day-long inter-generational and anti-imperialist event which connected the legacy of the Vietnamese victory to challenges facing our communities today. We worked along with activists, youth groups from the Asian diaspora, veterans, and others, as part of the Viet Nam Victory Coalition. As a part of the lead up to the event, we launched an educational webpage featuring significant audio clips from the Archives, an interactive timeline with some short videos and pieces by Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap. Two examples are below.

Geronimo Ji-Jaga speaking about his experiences in Viet Nam and Detroit:


Audio from Chicano Moratorium Press Conference:


vietnam 5 The interaction between movement elders and youth activists was a powerful aspect of the day’s activities and definitely strengthened the fabric of resistance in the Bay Area and modeled anti-imperialist solidarity. Its so important to provide opportunities and experiences for young people to gain a more nuanced and robust understanding of the movements, strategies and lessons that shaped the world we live in today. This is the core mission of the Freedom Archives. However, we need your help to continue organizing events, creating educational resources and preserving the voices of the struggle. Your help ensures that the priceless perspectives and experiences are archived and accessible for generations to come. You can contribute here or at our website. Thanks for all of your support!


Puerto Rican Independentistas Speak

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Happy New Years,

My name is Erin Hutchinson and I am a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. I am majoring in History with a focus on the United States. The past two weeks I’ve been interning at the Archives and researching the Puerto Rican independence movement. I gained hands-on experience working with newsletters, pamphlets and monographs, in addition to reel-to-reels and other audio formats. Being exposed to these primary sources was a powerful experience, as these documents challenged the dominant historical narrative and illustrated the colonial relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. My time at the Archives furthered my understanding of the struggles of the Puerto Rican peoples and the continuing presence of colonialism. Below are two audio clips of Puerto Rican independentistas I digitized:


Alejandrina Torres (Lexington Prison):


Lolita Lebron (Alderson Prison):



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