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Resistance to Forced Sterilization Curriculum

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sterilization thumbnailHello,

We’re excited to announce the release of a curriculum focused on historical and contemporary resistance to forced sterilizations. This project was conceived and started in 2014 by intern Teeanna Munro as an educational resource to connect forced sterilizations in California’s prisons to historical uses of the practice in Black, Native American and Puerto Rican communities. The curriculum contains audio and paper archival materials from the Freedom Archives and includes activities that incorporate and develop different skill sets, such as critical thinking, active reading, active listening and expository or persuasive essay writing, all with the intention of deepening understanding of this recent history and its lessons.

We have created this curriculum in order to provide historical context for forced sterilization, illuminate the voices of those directly affected by forced sterilization, and generate community discussion and activism around women’s liberation and reproductive justice. You can download the free curriculum and resource guide and check out our entire archival collection on forced sterilization here.

We would also like to thank Vera Tykulsker and Carli Lowe for their invaluable contributions to this resource.

peace Nathaniel

ps. We’d love to hear about your experiences using this curriculum. Please send comments and feedback to info@freedomarchives.org.

The Burning Urgency of Now

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herman bell imageDo not condemn these men to prison for life as they’ve already spent decades there. Be not in a rush to throw fresh stones at this misfortune without taking a long look in your own mirror and see the face of injustice that has long been a bane to the long suffering of Black people so that others might exact from the sweat of their brow, stripes across their backs, and terrorist lynchings to attain the untold wealth and prosperity that this nation currently enjoys. And even today you continuously lock them in your prisons in unprecedented numbers. The urgency of now is upon us.

When is “enough is enough?” The burning urgency of now calls for change, for a sharp turn into the headwinds of new possibilities for ourselves, for our children and for our nation. We want these men home. Release of them would be symbolic. Thus retribution for retribution sake is liken to a dead letter with no forwarding address.

-Taken from a recent letter written by political prisoner Herman Bell. Read at Freeing Our Political Prisoners, San Francisco, California on October 23, 2015. Herman Bell is a former Black Panther who has been locked up since 1973. Since his imprisonment, Herman has continued his work as an educator and activist.

Preservation of the Past: George Jackson at San Quentin

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One of the many things the Freedom Archives did in 2014 is we transferred George Jackson/San Quentin to digital video from a 16mm film “work print” made in 1971–1972. This extraordinary video contains never-before-seen footage from San Quentin of George Jackson. It also includes footage of Angela Davis, then in the Marin County Jail, and the powerful comments of Georgia Jackson (George and Jonathan Jackson’s mother).

Watch Film Here

This film is a powerful visual complement to our other one-of-a-kind audio materials on George Jackson and the San Quentin Six. The preservation of such amazing, previously unknown historic materials is essential to deepening our understanding of struggle and resistance, and affirms our mission.

Your ongoing support is absolutely essential to our ability to continue our work. Your help makes possible all the educational work we do: the internship program, the audio and video documentaries and books, the online resources and digital search site, and our outreach efforts from our Mission district community out to the nation and the world. Most importantly, your help ensures that this resource will be able to serve generations to come.

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Please consider sending us a donation. You can also contribute on-line or become a monthly sustainer. Thanks very much for helping to launch our next 15 years!


Freedom Archives on KPFA

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Yesterday, the Freedom Archives was featured on KPFA’s The Sunday Show guest hosted by Julieta Kusnir. I was joined by Noelle Hanrahan from Prison Radio and Linda Evans, former political prisoner and organizer with All of Us or None to discuss the importance of illuminating the voices of political prisoners. Specific topics of conversation include Mumia Abu-Jamal and a recent law in Pennsylvania to limit the free speech of prisoners and former offenders, the work of the Freedom Archives to highlight the work of political prisoners and how organizing to challenge mass incarceration coincides with larger movement and community building. Thanks to everyone who helped make this show possible.

You can stream the show below:



Extraordinary New George Jackson Footage

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Preserve the past – illuminate the present – shape the future.

George Jackson was a revolutionary theoretician, political prisoner and organizer. This extraordinary video is from a 16mm film “work print” made in 1971–1972, and includes interviews with George Jackson, Georgia Jackson (George and Jonathan Jackson’s mother) and Angela Davis, while she was still in the Marin County Courthouse Jail, before her acquittal.  The discovery of such amazing, previously unknown historic materials always leaves us thrilled and in awe, deepening our understanding of those times and affirming the mission of the Freedom Archives.

We are also excited to announce The Freedom Archives Benefit Concert featuring Dead PrezKev Choice, Jennifer Johns, Jahi As PE 2.0, Sellassie, DJ Leydis and more.

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. $15 Early Bird – $25 DOS

Thursday 8/21 @ The new Parish – Oakland – 579 18th St
Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Hope to see everyone there!!


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