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New Additions to the Freedom Archives

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We’ve got some great new materials up on our search site!

Statements from International Women’s Day: Statements in honor of International Women’s Day, 1983, in solidarity with all freedom fighters and prisoners of war. Published by Women Against Imperialism.

3 poems from Chicano Poet Tomas Vigil: Originally recorded by SF Bay Area radio collective Comunicacion Aztlan.





I-Hotel Calendar: This calendar focuses on the struggle to keep the tenants of the International Hotel from being evicted during 1977. Each month has a pertaining photo that features photography from the protests, personal photos of tenants in their rooms, poetry and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us info [at] freedomarchives [dot] org if you want to donate archival materials to the Freedom Archives and stay tuned for new arrivals.



Resistance to Forced Sterilization Curriculum

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sterilization thumbnailHello,

We’re excited to announce the release of a curriculum focused on historical and contemporary resistance to forced sterilizations. This project was conceived and started in 2014 by intern Teeanna Munro as an educational resource to connect forced sterilizations in California’s prisons to historical uses of the practice in Black, Native American and Puerto Rican communities. The curriculum contains audio and paper archival materials from the Freedom Archives and includes activities that incorporate and develop different skill sets, such as critical thinking, active reading, active listening and expository or persuasive essay writing, all with the intention of deepening understanding of this recent history and its lessons.

We have created this curriculum in order to provide historical context for forced sterilization, illuminate the voices of those directly affected by forced sterilization, and generate community discussion and activism around women’s liberation and reproductive justice. You can download the free curriculum and resource guide and check out our entire archival collection on forced sterilization here.

We would also like to thank Vera Tykulsker and Carli Lowe for their invaluable contributions to this resource.

peace Nathaniel

ps. We’d love to hear about your experiences using this curriculum. Please send comments and feedback to info@freedomarchives.org.

Slideshow- Recent 2015 Additions to the Freedom Archives

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One of the core functions of the Freedom Archives is to preserve the audio, video and paper documents of revolutionary and progressive movements of the past 50+ years. Below you can cycle through a slideshow of some of the digitized documents we’re happy to share from the past couple of months.

We really need your support to continue the vital task of safeguarding our history! You can donate here. Thanks for all your support, it makes a huge difference!


Poem by Dylcia Pagan (former Puerto Rican Prisoner of War) Anarchist Black Dragon Periodical Geronimo Pratt (Ji-Jaga) Flyer White Lightning Periodical Dessie Woods Monograph Free Breakfast Program Flyer White Lightning Periodical Bobby Hutton Murdered Flyer
Poem by Dylcia Pagan (former Puerto Rican Prisoner of War)

Puerto Rican Independentistas Speak

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Happy New Years,

My name is Erin Hutchinson and I am a sophomore at Mount Holyoke College. I am majoring in History with a focus on the United States. The past two weeks I’ve been interning at the Archives and researching the Puerto Rican independence movement. I gained hands-on experience working with newsletters, pamphlets and monographs, in addition to reel-to-reels and other audio formats. Being exposed to these primary sources was a powerful experience, as these documents challenged the dominant historical narrative and illustrated the colonial relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico. My time at the Archives furthered my understanding of the struggles of the Puerto Rican peoples and the continuing presence of colonialism. Below are two audio clips of Puerto Rican independentistas I digitized:


Alejandrina Torres (Lexington Prison):


Lolita Lebron (Alderson Prison):



Freedom Archives in Puerto Rico

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Lucy Rodriguez, Akinyele Umoja and Claude Marks

Cointelpro 101 was shown at the American Studies Association national conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico last week. Claude Marks was joined by Akinyele Umoja of Georgia State University and Lucy Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican independentista and former political prisoner. The focus “Cointelpro then and now” touched on issues of US colonialism and political prisoners. A similar program was also held in the Puerto Rican community, where Claude was joined by both Lucy and Alicia Rodriguez. That discussion made both historical and current connections between the Puerto Rican struggle to end US Colonialism and other struggles to end US imperialism.

Akinyele Umoja

Lucy Rodriguez

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