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New Additions to the Freedom Archives

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We’ve got some great new materials up on our search site!

Statements from International Women’s Day: Statements in honor of International Women’s Day, 1983, in solidarity with all freedom fighters and prisoners of war. Published by Women Against Imperialism.

3 poems from Chicano Poet Tomas Vigil: Originally recorded by SF Bay Area radio collective Comunicacion Aztlan.





I-Hotel Calendar: This calendar focuses on the struggle to keep the tenants of the International Hotel from being evicted during 1977. Each month has a pertaining photo that features photography from the protests, personal photos of tenants in their rooms, poetry and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us info [at] freedomarchives [dot] org if you want to donate archival materials to the Freedom Archives and stay tuned for new arrivals.



Resistance to Forced Sterilization Curriculum

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sterilization thumbnailHello,

We’re excited to announce the release of a curriculum focused on historical and contemporary resistance to forced sterilizations. This project was conceived and started in 2014 by intern Teeanna Munro as an educational resource to connect forced sterilizations in California’s prisons to historical uses of the practice in Black, Native American and Puerto Rican communities. The curriculum contains audio and paper archival materials from the Freedom Archives and includes activities that incorporate and develop different skill sets, such as critical thinking, active reading, active listening and expository or persuasive essay writing, all with the intention of deepening understanding of this recent history and its lessons.

We have created this curriculum in order to provide historical context for forced sterilization, illuminate the voices of those directly affected by forced sterilization, and generate community discussion and activism around women’s liberation and reproductive justice. You can download the free curriculum and resource guide and check out our entire archival collection on forced sterilization here.

We would also like to thank Vera Tykulsker and Carli Lowe for their invaluable contributions to this resource.

peace Nathaniel

ps. We’d love to hear about your experiences using this curriculum. Please send comments and feedback to info@freedomarchives.org.

Seize the Time

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We’re excited to announce the full digitization of the periodical Seize The Time, published by a Marxist-Leninist organization of the same name that grew out of the revolutionary national struggles of Black, Chicano, Asian American and Native American peoples. Based in California, Seize the Time was created mainly by people identifying as third world revolutionaries along with some white revolutionaries. The main purposes of the paper were:

1. as an organizing tool for local struggles and coordinating tool for regional and national organizing.

2. to provide revolutionary information and analysis.

3. to create communication network independent of bourgeois media.

4. to exist as a forum to discuss the major problems and tasks of the revolution.

This is truly an invaluable historical resource. In addition to the comprehensive reporting, in-depth political study and focus on the importance of intersectionality, self-determination and self-defense; I was particularly struck by the attention and emphasis on revolutionary culture. Whether the vibrant artwork best showcased on the front and back covers, the moving poetry from political prisoners and martyrs of the struggle, or step by step guides on how to create sustainable and co-operative ways of living together, Seize the Time was a blueprint for a better future as well as a canvas for revolutionary resistance. Check out the full collection here.


Seize The Time April 1974 (Front Cover) Seize The Time April 1974 (Back Cover) Seize The Time October 1974 (Back Cover) Seize The Time February 1975 (Front Cover) Seize The Time February 1975 (Back Cover) Seize The Time July 1975 (Front Cover) Seize The Time July 1975 (Back Cover) Seize The Time October 1975 (Front Cover)
Seize The Time February 1975 (Front Cover)


La Lucha Continua : The Struggle Continues

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Sifting through the archives today, I came across our La Lucha Continua collection which contains audio clips used in the La Lucha Continua Talking Mural (3260 23rd St. in San Francisco). At the mural, viewers can dial a number and enter an extension associated with each portrait of an important figure, and hear an audio clip by or about the revolutionary. The Freedom Archives collaborated with Susan Greene on this unique and innovative project which was completed in 2009.


La Lucha Continua Talking Mural located at 3260 23rd St – between Mission and Capp Streets in San Francisco.

Below are three dynamic audio clips from the archives used in the mural. Audre Lorde reading an excerpt from one of her poems “A Litany for Survival”; Judi Bari speaking on how she successfully organized timber workers and Maurice Bishop, a revolutionary leader from Grenada whose New Jewel Movement revolutionized the country before the US invaded the island in 1983.

Audre Lorde:


Judi Bari:


Maurice Bishop:


Check out the entire collection for more audio clips and keep tuned for new and exciting projects!


Freedom Archives Excited to Launch New African Liberation Movements Collection

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africa general resourcesThe Freedom Archives is excited to announce the availability of our newest collection, African Liberation Movements. This collection includes hundreds of original publications, solidarity materials, pamphlets, periodicals and images that chart the evolution of various African Liberation Movements throughout the modern era. This collection is an incredible opportunity to experience African Liberation through narrative, theory and reportage.

Some highlights include materials focusing on the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe (Chimurenga), a wealth of anti-Apartheid materials from various organizations and materials dealing with the role of women, both during independence struggles as well as during periods of national reconstruction.  Our collection also contains writings and publications from the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELPF), the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), the Congolese National Liberation Front (FLNC), the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) and hundreds more documents spanning a dozen African countries. This is an expansive collection that offers a unique view into the history, philosophy and discourse of African Liberation, Pan-Africanism, anti-imperialism and Black Consciousness.

Many of these documents have been digitized and the entire catalogue can be viewed online at:


We hope you benefit from this newest addition to the story of resistance, justice, struggle and liberation at Freedom Archives.

If you think that you have materials that would complement or strengthen this collection and would like to donate these items or have any comments or questions about the work we do, please email us at info@freedomarchives.org


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